FAQs :
Question: Is CDF Singles For EVERYBODY ?
Answer: No. CDF Singles is not for everyone, such as those who lead a consistently sexually promiscuous lifestyle. Or those fearless souls that have no fear of contracting HIV/STDs and who have decided to completely ignore the threat and possible dangers of contracting STDs. And that have been leading sexually careless lives by engaging in frequent unprotected sexual activities. Or those who have no regard for the safety and well-being of themselves or others, with regard to safe sex practices. Instead, we are looking for singles who have conducted themselves cautiously with regard to the possible threat of contracting STDs. And disciplined, honest, responsible adults who are determined to adhere to all of the CDF Singles Rules and Regulations as they apply to safe and responsible sexual practices. And those who can conduct themselves responsibly, until a match has been made. For it is this same universal cooperation that will help to make the CDF Singles efforts a success.
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Question: What Do I Do Immediately After Becoming a CDF Singles Member?
Answer: Upon activating membership new member should first take the time out to thoroughly and carefully read over our "Member Rules and Regulations", "Disclaimer" and "Terms and Conditions" to become thoroughly informed in the correct ways to become a CDF Singles member; and Member should immediately exercise use of provided CDF Singles "Member Pledge" condoms or other recommended condoms or abstain from having sexual intercourse, until a match with another member has been made. Member should also have his/her first HIV test taken as soon as possible. (The longer you wait, the longer it will take to get a match). Then submit HIV test results to CDF Singles by scanning and saving image file(s) in JPEG or GIF format and uploading test results to member profile in the Edit Profile mode or from the STD Testing Windows page. This page can be found in "My Account" by clicking on the "STD Testing Windows" link.
Question: What is an STD Testing Window?
Answer: An STD Testing Window is the amount of time that should be allowed to pass before taking an STD test from the time of any last at risk activity. CDF Singles provides members with an STD Testing Windows Chart that allows you to determine the perfect timing for taking STD tests, along with an STD test upload feature that allows you to upload STD test results to your profile right from the chart, while using the chart as a guide. The date of test taken is also displayed and a Member Update information feature is also attached that allows you to incrementally log any new STD test taken or “at risk” occurrences that may occur, in real-time to your profile from the STD Testing Windows page, or Edit Profile mode.
Question: Does CDF Singles Guarantee All Members To Be Clean and Disease Free?
Answer: CDF Singles does not guarantee that members are clean and disease free. Instead, we serve as a medium between members providing same information to members as it is provided to us. All members are required to adhere to all CDF Singles guidelines; however CDF Singles can not provide any guarantee of such. Please see Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer.
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Question: What Is My Obligation As A CDF Singles?
Answer: As a CDF Single you are under an obligation to your other fellow CDF Singles members to abide by all of the CDF Singles Rules and Regulations as instructed and as they apply to safe sex practices. And to follow each step of the CDF Singles instruction plan as laid out in "Member Rules and Regulations". And in such therein, upon becoming a member, to always be careful and responsible when engaging in sexual practices, And to always use CDF Singles "Member Pledge" condoms or other recommended condoms when engaging in sexual activity. www.finereplicawatches.co
Question: Why Is A Minimum 3 Month Membership Required?
Answer: CDF Singles requires that its members have a minimum 3 month membership due to the amount of time that is required for the first incubation period. Since it takes up to 12 weeks to detect HIV in the blood stream, we allow this amount of time for a minimum incubation period. Any member who decides to have unprotected sex while being quarantined throughout this waiting period will be subject to the action cancelling out the incubation period monitoring. And they will revert back to the start of the cycle and have to begin the whole process again.
Question: What Is An Incubation Period?
Answer: An incubation period is the period between the time HIV or other STD is first contracted and the time it is detected in the blood stream; also referred to as a testing window.

There is also an incubation period between the time HIV is detected and when symptoms are detected and occur. The incubation period between the HIV detection in the blood and symptoms leading to AIDS should not be confused with the first phase incubation of just detecting HIV in the blood stream. This is the first phase incubation and is all that is needed in order to determine if there is HIV in your blood stream. See STD Testing Windows
Question: How Many HIV Tests Will I Be Required To Take?
Answer: All new CDF Singles members will first be considered CDF Level-1 members. In order to become a CDF-Level-2 member, member is required to submit their first STD test result. To become a Fully Qualified CDF Level-2 member, member is require to submit their first negative HIV test. Any subsequent HIV tests such as an HIV post incubation test can also be submitted. Incremental and voluntary HIV/STD tests can also be provided at regular frequencies to continually update and prove out member’s STD-free status. Member should allow a minimum incubation period of 25 days after any "at risk" occurrence and before any membership renewal and taking a new first HIV test, while remaining in quarantine. See, STD Testing Windows chart on STD Testing Windows page for specifics on testing intervals.
Question: How To Upload STD Test Results
Answer: STD test results can be uploaded by first scanning them in JPG or GIF format and then uploading the file from the Edit Profile mode or STD Testing Windows page. Your negative STD test document images will upload as your photos will and be available to view in your member profile. Or if you do not have a scanner or need help with the upload of your test results, we can assist with the upload if you indicate this option on the order form by clicking, Option: "Document Scan and Upload/Pleases scan and upload STD test documents(s)." Upon selecting the number of test result documents you would like us to upload to your profile, you would add the corresponding price for the upload(s) to your order. Original clearly legible test result documents should then be faxed to us. Documents are uploaded immediately upon receiving your upload request.
Question: How To View Member STD Test Results
Answer: CDF Singles member’s STD test results can only be viewed by paid members; and once trial membership has been updated. To view any member’s STD test results that you are interested in, from the member’s profile see the following images in the left column: HIV Test Report and STD Test Reports. Upon clicking on these individual images it will take you to the member’s STD test results page. From there each individual STD test result can also be viewed in the left column; and by clicking on each report as indicated in the left column. Upon doing so, a full page version of the test result document will then be available in full view.
Question: What is the "Member Update Information" Section Used For?
Answer: The Member Update Information section located in the Edit Profile mode is a real-time log used for members to communicate to all other members each change of their member status that occurs, as it happens. For example, if a member takes a new HIV or STD test they can manually log in this information in real-time as soon as it occurs to provide accurate and timely update information to all members. This section can also be used to communicate any other change of event to members, such as the entering into an exclusive relationship with another member, or the renewal of your account after an account termination with new HIV test result information
Question: What If I Do Not Want To Take An HIV Test?
Answer: Registrants who are non-subscribers will be identified with a "trial member" status posted in their profile; and they will not be allowed to have access to Extended Member Profiles with CDF Singles member interview questionnaire results or HIV/STD test results, or upload their own until they become a full CDF Singles paid member.

Trial Member (HIV Testing)

Registrants that have not taken an HIV test will have no HIV test results posted to their profiles. And any registrants/members who corresponds and arranges to meet registered trial members who are untested or untested paid members, assumes their own risk in doing so, and the same risk that they would in selecting a partner randomly and without any pre-screening for STDs, or in using any other dating service. Further, registrants who do not provide this vital STD test result will be excluded from becoming a fully qualified Level-2 CDF Singles member.
Question: How To View Member's CDF Interview
Answer: The CDF Interview Questionnaire completed by members can be viewed by paid member subscribers by scrolling down to the bottom of the member's profile page and clicking on the "Click here to see CDF Interview of" ...(member's name)" link.

Once this link is clicked it will take you to the CDF Singles Questionnaire with the answer results to the member's interview questions. Next to each question is a question mark image. By placing the mouse over the correlated question mark it will give you an analysis of the member's answer provided.
Question: Marriage Compatibility (Using the "Potential Marriage Partner Locator" Feature)
Answer: The Marriage Compatibility (“Potential Marriage Partner Locator” ) feature allows you to: first, indicate your preferences in a potential marriage partner while you create your profile and indicate the desired characteristics in a potential marriage partner in the “Personality Characteristics in A Marriage Partner/Preferred Traits In A Marriage Partner” sections. These profile characteristic are then saved to your profile and displayed in a mini-profile window that appears when your profile is viewed and the link “Characteristics in a Marriage Partner” is clicked. A pop-up window with this mini-profile displaying your photo and all characteristics that you prefer in a marriage partner will then appear for other members to view.
Question: Where Can I Have Free HIV/STD Tests Taken?
Answer: All CDF Singles members/registrants are provided with information on where they can have Free local HIV and STD testing done. Free HIV/STD testing centers can be found by going to "My Account" and clicking on "HIV/STD Testing Centers."
Question: Are You at Risk - What Is “At Risk” Activity?
Answer: • Unprotected sexual intercourse
• Oral sex without a protective barrier
• Sex with multiple partners
• Sex with a partner who has multiple partners
• Condom: broke, slipped off or down while engaging in sexual activity
• Use of one condom with multiple partners (partner to partner risk of STD transmission)
• Use of a sex toy with multiple partners (partner to partner risk of STD transmission)
• Body piercing
• Tattooing
• Sharing razor blades
• Sexual assault, rape, date rape
• Needle-stick injury (resulting from occupational exposure to contaminated blood or body fluids)
• Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, waking up and not being able to remember what happened
• Handling of any items that may have had infected blood on them: razors, nail clippers, drug needles, toothbrushes, sanitary napkins
• Intravenous drug use: sharing of drug needles, IV drugs, syringes, cookers, cotton or water; sharing straws with intranasal cocaine use.
• Blood transfusion
• Blood products
• Organ, bone or tissue transplant
• Artificial insemination
• Occupational exposure or cross contamination from someone else who works around contaminated blood or body fluids
• Or Any sexual encounter since your last STD Test
Question: What Does It Mean To Be Quarantined?
Answer: All members are required to remain quarantined through their membership and until a match has been found. This will involve following the CDF Singles guidelines as outlined in Member Rules and Regulations, abstaining from any "at risk" activity, including any unprotected sex, or other at risk activity throughout the incubation and STD testing periods, and until a suitable match has been found.
Question: What If I Have Unprotected Sex While Being Quarantined?
Answer: It is imperative that all members follow all CDF Singles guidelines in order to insure that they remain STD free. CDF member guideline assist in guiding members step- by-step in achieving STD free status, remaining STD free, and successfully being matched to other STD free singles. Having Unprotected sex, disrupts this process of properly reaching this status, and cancels out the process. This will bring the member back to their original untested status and they will have to start the whole process all over, with all new STD test results .
Question: What Are The Grounds For Membership Termination?
Answer: Since the purpose of this service is to provide clean disease free singles to others looking to meet them, NO UNPROTECTED SEX IS ALLOWED AT ANY TIME FROM THE START OF MEMBERSHIP AND UNTIL A SUITABLE MATCH IS FOUND. If you should decide to have any unprotected sex, including oral sex, at anytime while being initiated, your membership status will change and be considered effectively terminated; and a voluntary cancallation of your membership required at this juncture. If you decide to voluntarily cancel, account will be deleted until you renew your account with a membership renewal request along with new NEGATIVE HIV test results. As an alternative, if member would like to avoid account deletion and keep their profile information intact, they can "deactivate" their profile and remove it from public view by going to the "My Account", area and clicking "Deactivate Account". Then clicking on "STD Testing Windows". By using the STD Testing Windows chart you will be able to determine the appropriate number of weeks needed to re-test after any unprotected sex or "at risk" occurance.

With this option member should notify us of the election to deactivate account for this purpose so that we may update their STD test status; at which time the HIV “Negative” test result posting and all other NEGATIVE STD test result postings will be removed from your profile; and you will be required to start the incubation period monitoring process all over again. Member should also consistently make their current status known to other members by editing/updating their CDF Singles Interview questionnaire at any time a change occurs in their sexual health or "at risk" status, in the Edit CDF-Interview mode.

The temporary deactivation of member's account is also recommended if you find a suitable match and begin dating another member; as less simultaneous relationships will help increase safe sex practices.
Question: What If My HIV Test Results Are Positive?
Answer: If your HIV test results are positive, you should first be made aware that there have been real actual clinical cases where patients who tested HIV positive were treated using little know methodologies and were later diagnosed as being HIV negative. Also, to help ensure that your HIV test results are indeed accurate, you should have additional follow-up HIV tests done to make sure you are getting an accurate reading of results. Additionally, HIV can be kept under control and preventive measures can be taken to prevent it from becoming full blown AIDs. Also, upon submitting HIV positive results information to us and upon your request, we will confidentially send you information on all of the latest developments and breakthrough HIV treatments available, FREE. Your privacy is always protected.
Question: Does Testing HIV Positive Mean I Will Get AIDS?
Answer: Not necessarily. HIV can be kept under control and preventive measures can be taken to prevent it from becoming full-blown AIDS. Also, upon submitting HIV positive results information to us, and upon your request, we will confidentially send you any information available on all of the latest developments and breakthrough in HIV treatments FREE.
Question: Is My Privacy Protected?
Answer: Yes. The privacy of all CDF Singles members is protected. No personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, or private email numbers, are ever revealed to anyone except by members themselves. And all information in our database is protected on our highly secured server. Nor is this information ever sold to any third party. All test result information submitted to CDF Singles also remains confidential and exclusive to you and CDF Singles, and will not be revealed to anyone other than CDF Singles members.

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