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In considering a membership with CDF Singles and in answering the CDF Singles Interview questionnaire, also consider this: Chopard Replica Watches

Since there is really no way to be able to determine, without a shadow of a doubt, that your current or past mates are or were faithful to you, it is best to assume the worst. It is best to assume the worst because people are not always truthful in relationships. And even if you think you are an excellent judge of character and are "positive" that you know/knew your mates and can account for their whereabouts all the time, this still does not guarantee that your mate(s) are being or have always been faithful. This does not mean to punish your mate with accusations of suspicion or to tell them that you suspect that they are not being faithful. It simply means to be aware that there is always a possibility that your mate or previous mates may not have always been totally honest with you.

Unfaithfulness is evident by what we see every day. The media is constantly bombarding us with stories of unfaithful lovers, stories of people who were so sure, "positive", that their mates were not cheating. And of those who had absolutely no idea of the secret relationships that the lovers in their so-called monogamous relationships had. Only to later find out that their mates were not being totally honest with them; but were instead carrying on other relationships while with them – and without their having the faintest idea that they were.

And since there is no way to know if a mate practiced or practices safe sex or if the person(s) they were involved with had an STD, your best defense is to proceed cautiously with any current partner(s), be quarantined by using protection, and to then have HIV/STD tests taken upon becoming an active member and until a match has been made.



Though there are many relationships that are truly monogamous, for the sake of your own safety,swiss replica watches the safety of other members and your ability to make a smooth transition into a clean and disease free relationship with another member, it is always best to practice safe sex with all partners, and to be honest and follow the CDF Singles guidelines very carefully, detail for detail until you have been successfully quarantined and a match has been made with another member. It is alright to answer the questionnaire to the best of your knowledge with honesty, but in taking on an initiation as a new member with CDF Singles, it is best to assume the worst about any of your past or present partners. And to practice safe sex with any present partners. Because if you do not exercise or have any other sexual partner(s) exercise safe sex while you are being quarantined and waiting for a CDF Singles match, you are jeopardizing the well-being of yourself and other members. So always assume the worst and insist that any person(s) you engage in sexual activity with while being quarantined, wear a CDF Singles "Member Pledge" condom or other recommended condom. Or simply exercise abstinence if possible.


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