This is a legal agreement made between you and CDF Singles. Please read the content of this Agreement carefully before registering with our service. By tag heuer replica watches registering and becoming a member of the service, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as set forth in this agreement. And that the term of this agreement shall be for the time of active or inactive membership and survive the termination of the membership.

If you do not agree to the terms and conditions as set forth herein, please do not register with our service.

Member Registration
To become a member of CDF Singles you must register and take the CDF Singles Interview and member update information. In both registering and providing this information you agree to provide true, accurate and current information about yourself and as prompted by our interview questionnaire and member update information questionnairs. You understand that the information provided will be relied on to be true, accurate, current and complete. Further, you acknowledge that if any such information provided is found to be untrue, inaccurate or incomplete that your membership may be terminated and any future use of the site restricted. And that any such termination shall not entitle registrant to a refund of unused amount of subscription fees.

Use of Site
CDF Singles members understand that the activation and use of their account is for their sole personal use. Member may not authorize, assign or transfer the use of membership to anyone or entity. Member/registrant agrees to provide accurate, up-to-date, and complete information about themselves. And to immediately provide any update information as a result of a change of STD status. Member must be 18 years old and older to use our website. and agrees to keep all information accurate, current and complete at all times.

You agree not to cause interference or interfere with normal operation of the site. Including but not limited to the spamming, hacking, uploading of computer viruses or by any other means expressly prohibited by the terms and conditions of this agreement. Member shall not include any personal information in profile including address, telephone number, website URL or email address. Nor will CDF Singles be responsible for the use or misuse of any such personal information of disclosure. User shall take necessary measures to ensure no unauthorized access to account including logging out after use if computer is accessible to any others.

Member Conduct
As a CDF Singles registrant or member you Agree that you will not impersonate any other person or allow another to impersonate you. And this shall include the time during active or an inactive membership. Member agrees to respect the privacy of other members and to keep member provided information in the strictest of confidence. Member further agrees not to reveal any of such to any other authorized or unauthorized non-member. Member agrees not to misuse any member information, or cause harm or damage to any other through the misuse of such. Including the misuse of any data from the CDF Singles database that could be offensive to the person data is relevant to. Further member agrees to all rules of conduct as set forth and to not harass any active or inactive member at any time.

As an active or inactive member you agree to not post, email or transmit to any CDF Singles member or Employee any offensive, abusive, obscene, defamatory, racially offensive, threatening, vulgar, harassing, libelous, hateful, torturous, defamatory, pornographic, illegal material, or to transmit any material that is libelous, privacy invading or that infringes or violates any other member’s rights of privacy or publicity.

User understands and agrees that any fraudulent, illegal or abusive activity will be grounds for termination of their account. And that in any such case that their membership will be terminated and any future use of the site restricted. And that any such termination shall not entitle member-registrant to a refund of unused amount of subscription fees; and that their account may be referred to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

Member agrees not use site for any commercial purposes and not to transmit unsolicited email, spam, or junk e-mail to any members.

Limitations of Liability
CDF Singles will not be liable for any loss of data, member’s inability to use service due to service interruption, or responsible for the return of any original documents submitted. Member is required to make a copy of any original test result documents before sending them, if required. CDF Singles shall not be liable for the acts, omissions, and any information provided by members and unauthorized users.

No guarantees are implied or made to members in using this service and each member assumes his/her own risk in participating as a CDF Singles member. CDF Singles will not be held liable or responsible for any information provided by any member providing such. Or guarantees the accuracy of information provided by members. CDF Singles will only act to refer members to other members and provide the information to members as it is provided by other participating members. And provide this information to members immediately upon receiving such. Participating members must use their own judgment in selecting a potential mate. CDF Singles only serves as agent in helping to provide information that will help the participating member better determine the LIKELIHOOD of other members being clean and disease free. Participating member agrees to hold CDF Singles harmless of any final decisions made on the member’s part. And participating members understand that they are acting as a free agent in making their own decisions. Participating members also understand that they are assuming the same risk in selecting a potential mate that they would be assuming on their own or in randomly selecting a mate. CDF Singles shall only serve to help give the participating member the information needed in order to make an informed decision. This will help increase the possibility of a member meeting another who is clean and disease free. And enable the participating member to get a better idea of the LIKELIHOOD of another having an STD. CDF Singles cannot guarantee that any other participating member selected is clean and disease free, or that a member has been successfully quarantined, or engaged in practicing safe sex as per instructed but shall only help in providing assistance in the screening of members through the direct cooperation of its members. And provide same information provided by the participating member providing such. And it will be up to the member to evaluate such information provided and make his or her own decision in selecting a potential mate. However, having a way of screening potential sex partners is better than having none. And all prospective members are asked to be honest when asked questions and in following CDF Singles guidelines as instructed, to protect the safety of fellow members and to ensure a match with another clean and disease free single. See "Member Rules and Regulations".

Registrant agrees to indemnify and hold CDF Singles and its employees, officers, parents, subsidiaries harmless from any loss, claim, demand or damage, this including any reasonable lawyers fees made by any third party; or resulting from the data that member transmits and/or any breach of the terms of this agreement.

Intellectual Property
User understands that the contents of this site are copyrighted and the intellectual property of CDF Singles. And that intellectual property rights and all contents of this website are protected by the United States and international copyright and trademark laws, international conventions, and all other applicable laws and that no part of this site may be copied; downloaded; modified; adapted; deciphered; reverse engineered; transmitted; published; displayed; reproduced; “framed” or copied in any way using any other method; performed; decompiled; disassembled; or you may not cause others to do so; and that all exclusive rights shall remain with CDF Singles.

Content Posted By You

Photo Upload: any member that elects to post photos containing any nudity must post them in the “private photos” area. No generic, non-people photos, photos including your email address or copyrighted materials are permitted.

Private Email Addresses: no private email addresses or website URLs are permitted to be posted to profiles or shown in photos. And user may not post links to any website content.

CDF Singles is a selective dating service and reserves the right to reject any profile content or photo(s) that we feel are either noncompliant or inappropriate for our service.

Termination Policy

CDF Singles reserve the right to terminate membership without notice.

Member/registrant understands and agrees that your account may be terminated without notice and that CDF Singles reserves the right to delete your account and bar any future use of the site as a Replica Watches result of violating any of the “Member Rules and Regulations” and terms and conditions as stated in the “Terms and Conditions” of service, or in any subsequent modifications thereof. Member/registrant also understands that a voluntary termination will be a mandate in the event of a change of HIV test results status from “negative”. And member/registrant will be required to re-register and start the entire HIV testing and monitoring process all over, if member decides to have unprotected sex or engage in any other “at risk” activities, to re-qualify their member “negative” HIV/STD status.

Refund Policy CDF Single’s paid membership and member remaining a qualified member with CDF singles is conditional upon their maintaining an STD-free member status. If member’s status changes and member’s membership is terminated due to member not following CDF member guidelines to remain STD-free or if member voluntarily opts-out as a result of same, paid member shall be entitled to no refund and will receive a first month free credit equal to cost of an entire month membership upon re-registering with CDF Singles with new negative HIV Test results. CDF singles further maintains a no refund policy and all sales are final.

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