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CDF Singles is a revolutionary dating service dedicated to helping clean and disease free singles find and meet other singles that are clean and disease free. CDF Singles does this by carefully and scientifically pre-screening member applicants (potential dating partners) for STDs. If you are a single person looking to meet  STD tested dates, CDF Singles can help you locate the kinds of people you would like to meet. Join Now

We are an international dating service that helps bring people together who are looking for love who may not be able to meet the right kinds of people in their own circles or own little worlds of daily routines, or who may not have the time to meet quality people because of busy schedules or career pursuits.

Now through CDF Singles you can turn your limited time into time well spent in finding compatible and eligible STD tested dates in your own area or in areas outside your own.

Looking For Marriage Minded Singles?
Or if you are a marriage minded single looking to meet a clean and disease free marriage partner, CDF Single's marriage compatibility feature can help you find other like minded clean and disease free compatible marriage minded people.
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